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The purpose of this manual:

I Want To Write a Book

I have heard that statement so many times. When I started writing my first book in 2007, it took me all of three months to complete. To some, that might be a very short time. But believe me, I know authors who have written a book in six weeks! Regardless of where you are, you can get your thoughts on paper, and share those thoughts with the world. The main thing is to get started. Don’t procrastinate; that’s a bad word in this industry. And I want to share with you a few steps to getting your book/books published.

The idea around this manual is twofold: First, I want to help you maneuver through the process of writing, promoting, and publishing your books as easily as possible. Secondly, I want this manual to be used as your guide to answer some of your questions as it pertains to the publishing industry.

This manual is your handbook, author’s guide, writer’s workbook, dictionary, how-to book, and instructional tool to help you become all that you desire in the area of writing.  In this manual are your keys to success; it is loaded with website links, terminology used in the industry, recommended books, marketing strategies, and promotional ideas that will help you bring your books to life.

In the Author’s Manual, I will spend a great deal of time covering the areas of marketing, editing, and promoting.  When I wrote my first book, That Was Then, This is Now, marketing was a passion for me. While realizing that my publisher was only going to help me so much, I took the matter of marketing in my own hands. I established myself and began to brand who I was as an inspirational author, writer, and marketer. The information I learned over the past few years is what I want to share with you. You have taken the first step in investing in your book business by purchasing this manual.

It is my prayer that this manual helps you achieve your goals as you move forward with the passion, drive, and zeal to become a “best seller”.

See you at the top!

Award winning-author

Paulette Harper

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