"I speak to inspire and move my audience into action."

As an ordained pastor, Paulette’s passion is to minister the Word of God with boldness and accuracy so those who are dealing with life’s complexities will become whole and walk in their God given purpose.


Paulette encourages her audiences to dream big. She uses her life experiences to demonstrate that obstacles need not be problems but can be growth opportunities. 

Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe Pastor Paulette's presentation as inspiring, enriching, and encouraging. She is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying. 

Paulette seeks to inspire women from all walks of life. Her desire is to empower, equip, and transform the lives of women through her preaching and teaching from the Word of God.



If you're looking for your next speaker or trainer for your upcoming workshops, conferences, or virtual events, Paulette's speaking and teachings have received rave reviews....

"Pastor Paulette Harper's messages are powerfully dynamic. You are the visionary of prophetic ministry with a worldwide, multi-cultural vision to impact, empower, and transform the lives of all people through life- applicable, Biblical principles. Paulette Harper has humbly embraced the call upon her life. She is a big proponent of life coaching and pastoral mentoring.  This sought-after inspirational speaker, life coach, author, and minister profoundly preaches the unadulterated Word of God, changing lives one message at a time. I was blessed to have had this personal experience!"

~Robyn Carmona CEO, Los Angeles, CA

"The woman of God preaches a powerful, challenging, and uplifting Word that had me re-evaluating where my faith was and my relationship with God."

~Laquanda Smith, Bradenton, FL

"A dynamic speaker for today, Harper brings forth a powerful message of encouragement and faith in God."

~Evangeline Gamble-Turner, Sacramento CA

"Paulette's preaching is motivating and encouraging. I am always excited to hear what the Lord has placed on Paulette's heart, because I know that she always comes with a Word from the Lord. Her preaching challenges women to move to higher levels in God. Paulette’s passion for her ministry is authentic and appointed by God. I am thankful that she is a willing vessel, and that so many women will be set free through her preaching ministry."

~Chaunna Layton, Brentwood, CA


Completely Whole


Many women are hurting and unable to break through from depression, pain, and bitterness. Countless women are held in bondage from past hurts.

Paulette is no stranger to despair and heartache. In this seminar, Paulette will share about her battle with depression and unforgiveness. Through her story, Paulette shows you how to

  • Walk In Forgiveness​

  • Let Go Of The Pain

  • The Blessings of Rejection

  • Soar Through Adversity- how to move pass adversities and walk in your power

Becoming A

Published Author

Transition to Position


How can I be restored? This is the cry of some across our nations. God’s leading ladies (pastor wives and ministers) have not fully recovered or healed from divorce, death of a spouse, or loss of a ministry.

Paulette is no stranger to divorce and the loss of a ministry. In this seminar, Paulette will share her battle with suicide, lack of self-worth, and rejection.


Paulette will stir your hearts to pursue purpose in the midst of pain.  Paulette will show you how to


  • Remove the mask: Identifying Your Truths


  • Face Goliath- Identifying Strongholds

  • Live Life After Divorce


Meet the Author

A presentation to explain the ins and outs of becoming a published author.


  • Where to begin?

  • What does it take?

  • What are the trials and rewards? 



An evening or afternoon to meet Paulette, the award-winning author.


Learn how she got started and where her career has led her.


  • What lessons has she learned?

  • What are the truths and myths of being an author? 


To create an environment where clients receive all the tools to succeed in their personal lives as well as their book business. 

To challenge each client to go beyond the norm so they can reach their greatest potential.

To work with each client to develop a mindset that shifts their perspective in oder to move from being stuck to being productive. 


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