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People from every walk of like feel they have a story but don’t know how to package them for the public. Some are frustrated with life because they haven’t moved from saying they want to write a book to actually doing it. 


Writers often struggle with time management because of their busy schedules. 


They wonder if their story is worth the risk of exposing the ones who caused the pain; and fear often keeps them from experiencing the freedom that comes from releasing it. 


For many people, untold stories lay dormant in their hearts. They’ve failed to move beyond the obstacles, thus resulting in unfulfilled purposes and dreams. 


Can you relate? Do these scenarios sound a lot like your own experience?


Do you find yourself struggling with telling your story because you worry about the critics and naysayers? Do you struggle with finding the time to compose the message God wants you to deliver?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know you’re not alone. 


I was just like you. I had a story but didn’t know how to craft it so that it stood out from the rest. I struggled with the ideal of sharing my truth and wondered if people would read it. I knew what I wanted to say but didn’t feel I had the skills it took to take the ideas from my mind and put it on paper. I didn’t have anyone to teach me what it meant to be an author or anyone to walk alone side me as I learned through trial and error. 


What I learned early in the process was that I needed to find my own audience, create my own voice, and do the research it took to publish my book. I learned how to craft my stories that my readers could identify with, enjoy and talk about to other readers. 


Today, I am the author of eleven books, and I speak to many people. My years of applying my own principles has earned me the best-seller status as well as a two-time, award-winning author in three genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Non-Fiction and Children. 


For more than ten years from starting my authorship program, I have generated an estimated $100,000 from speaking, book sales, and my coaching services, all while doing this part time. 


Putting aside my own fears gave me the confidence to impact others, and you can do the same thing and more.


Imagine speaking to hundreds of women… just like you. You have a story and it’s exactly what your audience not only needs but it’s the story that will catapult them to their next level. Believe me, your story is the solution to someone’s pain. 


Imagine teaching the principles you’ve learned and securing more speaking engagements and seeing an increase in book sales. 


Imagine working with other authors, leaders, and visionaries, who are changing people’s lives. This can be yours, no matter your story or where you are in the writing process, and my program, Storytellers Academy, will help make it happen.


In my  twelve & six-month training course, I teach women like you how to publish and market your own books. More specifically, the program helps you:


  • Clarify your message

  • Time management

  • Address challenges and hinderances to your goals

  • Connect you with the right team of editors, graphic designers and interior designers

  • Address your progress and make necessary changes to your plan

  • Develop a powerful and effective promotion plan

  • Organize and develop your book



Storytellers Academy is framed to help any beginning writer, and by the end of the coaching program, you will have a published book and more!


To create an environment where clients receive all the tools to succeed in their personal lives as well as their book business. 

To challenge each client to go beyond the norm so they can reach their greatest potential.

To work with each client to develop a mindset that shifts their perspective in oder to move from being stuck to being productive. 


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