Do you need accountability to finish your book? Do you need someone to guide and help you set realistic goals? If you said yes, then one of our WIP (work in progress) packages is for you.


It allows you to share your book idea or details about your manuscript to receive guidance on how to get started, stay focused, and get unstuck.


We will help you craft a personalized marketing and promotional plan that includes strategies and tips for developing or strengthening your author brand and advice on how best to promote your book.


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MY COMMITMENT as a writing coach:

  • To give you the feedback and encouragement that will help inspire your writing

  • To  be a teacher, accountability partner, and personal cheerleader

  • To guide you through every step of planning and writing your book

  • To ask all the right questions during the planning phase

  • To help you set realistic deadlines and create a schedule for meeting them

  • To clarify available publishing options

  • To help you unlock potential to maximize your growth

  • Help you organize your thoughts, enrich your work, and find your voice

  • To provide writing tips to help you remain focused 

  • To connect you with the right team of editors, graphic designers, and interior designers

  • Identify hindrances to achieving goals and offer solutions to overcome them 


"Teaching women how to package their stories

into a message of triumph."

Misha Hammer 

When I started coaching with Paulette Harper, I was unsure of two things. Did God want me to write a book? If so, what does God want me to write about? Coach Paulette Harper coached me to realize my ability.


I needed focus in order to accomplish God’s will of authorship for my life. After faithful coaching sessions, I embraced my calling to become an author. Coach Harper put me on a writing schedule, gave me monthly goals and held me accountable.


Writing is not easy, but when you have a God ordained coach, pushing yourself to the finish line becomes a team effort as well as a success.


I needed a writing coach and God nudged me along through his vessel, Paulette Harper.


Sonja Babino 

My book, After the Innocence is Gone, was a hard story to write because it was about me.  I hesitated for several years to attempt publishing until I worked with my book coach Paulette Harper.  As a first time author I needed huge amounts of basic information, the importance of skillful editing and a ton of encouragement.  Paulette provided it all and guided me every step of the way.  She had so many great tips I had to type them down quickly during each of our sessions. 


I came away from our sessions with a renewed sense of accomplishment and most importantly with the confidence that I was in fact ready to publish! Paulette walked me through each step, from editing and proofreading, to formatting and cover design all the way to  self publishing. She offered me insights on my personal website and set the stage for what was to come even after publishing. 

In addition to her creative ideas and marketing skills, she’s fun to work with. Paulette was instrumental in helping me to promote my book, by posting on my YouTube vlog, Facebook, and Instagram. All of which were a huge success! Once my dream became a reality, I could do nothing but shed tears of joy.  


Thank you, Paulette, for your encouragement, guidance and continuous support.



To create an environment where clients receive all the tools to succeed in their personal lives as well as their book business. 

To challenge each client to go beyond the norm so they can reach their greatest potential.

To work with each client to develop a mindset that shifts their perspective in oder to move from being stuck to being productive. 


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