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When I wrote my first book in 2008, I was so excited and enthused. I took a good look at how far I had gotten and what things I had learned. My desire to share my tips, tools and resources is something God had placed within my heart. I love coaching new writers and helping them take those first steps toward publication. 

Have you ever thought about writing a book but just don’t know where to being? Join us as we conduct one of our exciting “Write Now” workshops. These workshops are designed to provide new, aspiring writers with tools, information and resources to bring the dream of writing a book into reality.


Whether you’re an aspiring writer or established author, the Write Now! Workshop is for you. Write Now is no ordinary writer’s workshop. Our workshops are facilitated by some of the best in the business. You’ll have an opportunity to converse one-on-one with an award-winning, best-selling authors and publishers. 

How to Promote
This workshop will cover methods an author can use to enhance the publishers promotion from no cost to low cost methods. 

I’m Published, Now What?

This workshop will take you through the next steps after your book is complete. 

Self- Publishing

This workshop will outline what it means to self-publish and the difference between traditional publishing. 

Setting Goals

We all need them. This workshop will show you how to set goals and the importance of accountability. 

Topics for: Literary Events

Dealing with Distractions

 This workshop will show you how to put things in proper order so you can complete your manuscript.


This workshop will provide ideas, suggestions and coach you on how to promote and market your book. What to do and what not to do in promoting.  

Paulette can also customize a topic for your specific needs. She is available for seminars, conferences, retreats, luncheons and would love to assist you with your next women’s event.


You're going to spend the next hour with someone who is snappy, sassy and very savvy about publishing and marketing books.

Paulette Harper will deliver valuable information to spring all authors into action to achieve their publishing goals.

She has guided plenty of authors to book completion and has generated several award winning, best sellers.

She's full of sage wisdom and knowledge and what she shares with you today will definitely make  this time valuable. 


To create an environment where clients receive all the tools to succeed in their personal lives as well as their book business. 

To challenge each client to go beyond the norm so they can reach their greatest potential.

To work with each client to develop a mindset that shifts their perspective in oder to move from being stuck to being productive. 


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